One Tap to Happy! FAQ

One Tap to Happy...Rewards, mobile orders and payments all in one place!

Beginning June 1st, 2018, the Hungry Hobo will roll-out a new and improved app! Gone are the days of tracking visits and printing coupons to get your rewards. We have COMBINED mobile and online ordering, payments and Hobo Mobile Rewards into one smartphone app (available in both the App Store and Android Market). Your rewards are based on dollars spent at our restaurants and those points can be redeemed for ANYTHING on the Hobo menu!


How do I know when to get the new app?

The new mobile ordering app will be available for download on June 1st, 2018. You can seek out the new app by searching for Hungry Hobo in the App store or Android markets. We have chosen to keep the current app functional until July 9th, 2018 to ease the transition. Until then, both the old and new apps will be available and functioning. The old app will no longer be available or functional on July 9, 2018. We recommend you download the new app immediately and delete the old app to get your bonus reward sooner!

iPhone users CLICK HERE!

Android users CLICK HERE!

Will my older HMR visits / rewards transfer to the new app?

No. The former Hobo Mobile Rewards (HMR) program based upon visits will cease tracking those visits on June 1st, 2018. We will allow redemptions of EARNED rewards until September 4, 2018. At the close of business on September 4, 2018 your “old” Hobo Mobile Rewards account will be CLOSED permanently. We will not be able to transfer remaining free sandwiches to the new app. The HMR iPad will only accept unused coupons codes for redemption until September 4, 2018. To get a list of your unused coupon codes, please visit:, click on “My Coupons” and follow the directions to access your account.

I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still sign up and enter my phone number at the store like I used to do?

We considered that folks may prefer to use the iPad in the store and made certain our new Hobo Mobile Rewards program would be able to accommodate that type of activity. All you need do is register using your desktop or laptop computer by visintg this site: and make an initial order. Once you are “registered” by completion of an order (you can even choose “pay at store” for that first order) your phone number will remain your loyalty number as before. You can continue to make your order at the counter, but during checkout, tap “Use Reward Card” on the iPad (the one with your order items and total on it) and enter your phone number. Your orders will go into your history and you will begin earning “points” based upon each dollar you spend at ANY Hungry Hobo.

When you have enough for at least a $5 reward, the iPad will let you know and you can choose to use it or continue to build toward a $10 or $20 reward. Enter your phone number just like you used to do and that’s it. You can now interact with the iPad in substantially the same manner as you had before without ever using a smartphone or ordering on the app again!

Your rewards will be based on dollars spent and not visits. It’s a richer program than before. Finally,  will get a $5 Welcome Reward added to your account after making that first order as a thank you.

Is signing up difficult?

No. When you download the app, it’s a few simple questions and then you are ready to order and begin earning rewards. Your account will be "activated" AFTER you make your first mobile or online order using your desktop or laptop computer. Following your first order, you will receive a $5 reward!

Ok, I have downloaded the app and signed up… What has really changed?

The most significant change will be the ability to use your new Hobo Mobile Rewards credit for ANYTHING on the regular menu. You will order, pay and redeem rewards and discounts all on your smartphone. Your orders (and associated $$ spent) will accumulate at one point per dollar spent without any limit. After you reach 55 points, you may choose to redeem a reward or continue to bank points for a larger purchase. We will offer $5, $10 and $20 rewards. You will notice that the app functions a little differently, but not too much, from the previous version. Awards will be claimed in increments (typically $5) and are a discount applied on an order. Rewards are not cash and cannot be claimed or redeemed as such.

Will you still have those great discount offers around major holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July?

Of course, we will still have our special holiday offers for our loyal fans! These offers will come via push notifications on your smart phone and to your email (provided you opt-in for these services when you sign up). We highly recommend that you do opt-in to keep up with special offers and news from the Hobo. We typically won't send out much more than a few items per month. We are sensitive to the amount of communication our customers get every day and you can always opt-out of notifications.

How do I know how many rewards I have earned in the new app?

You can check online from your desktop or on your smartphone. On your smartphone, open the app and tap on any location. Once you are in a location, tap on the three bars just to the left of MENU (located in the upper left of the screen) and tap on Loyalty Program. There you will find your loyalty points displayed. To check on your laptop or desktop, sign-in to your account and look for your name in the upper right hand corner. Click on your name and a drop down menu will appear. Choose “Loyalty Program” and you will find your points information there.

How do I order or redeem a reward? Please find a short tutorial below or choose the Help function in the app itself.

The app functions similarly to the current version, but now ordering and claiming rewards are combined and literally at your fingertips. To start, simply open the app and choose the restaurant location most convenient for you. The menu will open and expand. Scroll through and top on the items you want to add to your cart. You may also select the Categories list (a series of red bars on the right side of each of the category headings).

Once you have added all of your items to your cart, tap on the upper right of your screen on the shopping bag icon (which will have a number in a bubble indicating the number of items in your cart). Put in any notes or special requests with the understanding that certain requests may result in an extra charge such as extra peppers or melted cheddar cheese sauce. Click on the red oval at the bottom to proceed to checkout and payment. If you have a discount code or rewards in your account to redeem, this is where you will take care of that. If there is an eligible promotion for your order, tap on Promotions in the upper right and apply it to your order.

If you don't see Promotions, your order does not qualify for any current offers, but you can use earned store credit rewards by choosing Redeem Rewards and making a selection. If the Hobo is running a discount code campaign, choose Discount Code and enter the appropriate code to activate the discount.

Well, I still have some questions or I am having some trouble. Who can I ask for help?

Please email any further questions to and we will get back to you ASAP.