One Tap to Happy! FAQ

One Tap to Happy...Rewards, mobile orders and payments all in one place!


One Tap to Happy...Rewards, mobile orders and payments all in one place! The new app is feature packed and we have a lot of information below. If you still can’t find the answer to your particular inquiry, we conduct support via the email at the bottom of this page.

How do I get the new app?

Our new mobile app is not an update to an existing app. It is a new application that combines ordering, loyalty & payment. It is available for download on Apple and Android devices. Visit the App Store or Google Play and search for Hungry Hobo or click on the links below. If you still have the old app, please delete it and download the new app.

iPhone users CLICK HERE!

Android users CLICK HERE!

Is signing up difficult?

No. When you download the app, it’s a few simple steps to create your profile.  After your profile is created, you will get an email to confirm your registration. Depending on your spam/junk filters, please check your spam folder if you don't get the email in a timely fashion. After confirmation of your email, you are ready to order and begin earning rewards. 

 IMPORTANT - Your account will be "activated" AFTER you make your first app order on your smartphone or online using your desktop or laptop computer. Following that first order’s completion, you will receive a $5 reward redeemable on the app or online on your next order!

Click Here to Watch a Short Video Tutorial on Registering Via Your Smartphone

 I don’t have a smartphone. Can I still sign up and enter my phone number at the store like I used to do?

Click Here to Watch a Short Video Tutorial on Registering from a Computer

Yes! We considered that folks may prefer to continue to use the iPad in the store and made certain our new Hobo Mobile Rewards program could accommodate that preference. Customers without a smartphone are still required to create a profile using a desktop computer and complete at least one order online at the site below:

Once that initial order is completed (paid for online with a credit card or paid at the store upon pick-up), the newly created customer profile will be active. A customer without a smartphone (or a customer simply choosing not to use the app) can still earn and redeem purchase rewards by entering their phone number during the checkout process. Customers simply tap “Enter Phone Number” in the upper right-hand corner of the screen to attach their profile to the order before payment is made and the order is closed out. Just like before, your phone number is also your loyalty number.

 *Note: The $5 Welcome Reward redemption cannot be redeemed using the iPad. It is designed to be redeemed in the app or online using a computer. If you do not have a smartphone and cannot easily access the same desktop or laptop you used to register your account, no worries. That reward does not expire and can be redeemed in another manner. Please email and we will help you get that done.

Ok, I have downloaded the app and created a profile… What has really changed?

The most significant change will be the ability to use your new Hobo Mobile Rewards credit for ANYTHING on the regular menu. The majority of our customers will order, pay and redeem rewards and discounts all on their smartphones. Your orders (and associated $$ spent) will accumulate at one point per dollar without any limit. After you reach 55 points, you may choose to redeem the base reward of $5 or continue to bank points for a larger purchase discount. We will initially offer $5, $10 and $20 rewards with expansion possible. You will notice that the app functions a little differently, but not too much, from the previous version.

 Awards claimed are in the form of a discount applied on an order. Rewards are not cash and cannot be claimed or redeemed as such. The in-store iPads can be used to manage your account and claim purchase rewards once you make that first order through the app or online.

Will you still have those great discount offers around major holidays like Memorial Day and the 4th of July?

 Yes! We will still have our special holiday offers for our fans! These offers will come via push notifications on your smart phone and to your email (provided you opt-in for these services when you sign up). We highly recommend that you do opt-in to keep up with special offers and news from the Hobo. We typically won't send out much more than a few items per month. We are sensitive to the amount of communication our customers get every day from a lot of sources. You can always opt-out of notifications at any time by adjusting your profile settings.

Will my older HMR visits / rewards transfer to the new app?

No. The former Hobo Mobile Rewards (HMR) program based upon visits ceased tracking those visits on June 1st, 2018. However, we will allow redemptions of EARNED rewards on the old system until September 4, 2018. At the close of business on September 4, 2018 your “old” Hobo Mobile Rewards account will be CLOSED permanently.

The HMR iPad will accept unused coupons codes for redemption until September 4, 2018. To get a list of your unused coupon codes, please visit: and click on “My Coupons” in the top menu. Follow the directions to access your account.



While the app is very intuitive and our richer rewards program is certainly a better option for our dyed-in-the-wool Hobo fans; we have put together some specific how-to’s for our new mobile ordering, loyalty and payment app. We chose the app carefully and want our customers to have the best possible experiences. If you do not, let us know using the email at the bottom of this FAQ.

 How do I claim the $5 Welcome Reward AFTER making my first purchase?

The Welcome Reward is our way of saying THANK YOU for choosing the Hungry Hobo! We are celebrating our 45th year in 2018 and we could not do it without our loyal customers.

The $5 Welcome Reward is a one-time use code that is attached to your account AFTER you make your first order using the app or online platform AND then complete that order at the store by paying at pick-up (you can also pre-pay online if you like). To ensure customer profiles are legitimate, we require that completed order to be made on the app or online using a laptop or desktop computer. The $5 discount will be available for the next time you decide to order. The $5 Welcome Reward must be redeemed through the app or online and cannot be applied by entering your phone number on the iPad. This is true of all promotions and why we highly recommend using the app or online ordering platform to maximize your rewards with the Hobo. The points you are earning with your purchases are redeemable on the ipad or on your smartphone using the app (or desktop).

 To claim the $5 Welcome Reward:

 -Simply follow the directions above for placing an order. When you arrive at the checkout screen, you will see a “Promotions” option in the upper right (directly to the right of “Checkout”).

 -Tap on “Promotions” and any qualifying promotions will be visible (in this case any order with a pre-tax total of $5 or more).

 -Tap “Apply” and you are all set to finish the transaction by payment online or at the store or using a gift card. If there are multiple promotions available on your account – Great! Pick one and head over to the store to pick up your discounted order.

 How do I know how many points I have earned in the new app?

You can check online from your desktop or on your smartphone anytime. On your smartphone, open the app and tap on any location. Once you are in a location, tap on the THREE BARS just to the left of “Menu” (located in the upper left of the screen). Tap on “Loyalty Program”. There you will find your loyalty points information.

On your laptop or desktop, sign-in to your account and look for your name in the upper right-hand corner. Click on your name and a drop-down menu will appear. Choose “Loyalty Program” and you will find your points information there.

 How do I find out about promotions or special deals?

Promotions are special offers available and redeemable solely on the app and online ordering platforms. You might find out about a promotion by getting a push notification on your phone or an email if you chose to opt-in for those at registration (we highly recommend you do!). You may hear about them at a QC River Bandits game or from a friend. Promotions can run one day or for weeks at a few stores or all Hobos. You never know what we might do… Enable push and email notifications and you’ll be the first to know!

There are two ways to find/claim promotions in the app. One is designed to let you know which Hobos might be running a promotion so you can head to that specific location. The other allows you to check for a promotion and apply it to an order if there is an active discount running at the Hobo you intend to visit.

 Method #1 – Show me the money…

 Open the App and tap on the THREE BARS in the upper left which will open the Main menu.

 -Tap on “Promotions” and ANY currently running promotions will be displayed. If one strikes your fancy, tap on it and participating stores will show up. Choose your most convenient store and order away. As long as the qualifications for the promotion are met, it will automatically apply to your order as you go through the checkout process.

 Method #2 – Maybe I’ll get lucky and something is running at the Hobo down the street….

 -Pick the store you plan to visit from the main page and proceed to fill your cart.

 -At the “Checkout” screen, if your order qualifies for an active promotion at that unit, you can tap on “Promotions” in the upper right and apply it to your order yourself.

How do I use my points to get free and discounted stuff?

 Using the App:

-Open the app and create your order with your favorite Hobo menu items

 -Tap the upper right “shopping bag” icon to review the items in your cart

 -You will see a red oval at the bottom of the screen with your order total

before tax. Orders must be at least $5 pre-tax to qualify for a reward.

 -Tap on that red oval to proceed to the “Checkout” screen.

 -Just under “Checkout” you will see two options: “Use a Discount Code or Redeem Rewards” highlighted in red.

    Tap Discount Code: If you have a discount code to type in, tap on that link and enter the code. Valid codes will apply the appropriate discount.

    Tap Redeem Rewards: If you have rewards to claim (55 or more points and your order qualifies pre-tax) you will be taken to a Rewards page where your loyalty number and purchase points balance are visible along with any applicable rewards.

 -Choose your reward and tap “Apply Reward” in the red oval at the bottom of the page. If your order qualified for the chosen reward, it will be applied and show up in green on the checkout page.

 -You will set your dining preference and pickup time here as well. We estimate 15 minutes to prep most orders. Tap Continue and the Pay screen will appear where you can choose to pay online by credit card, enter a Hobo gift card number or pay at the store when you pick-up the food.

 Using the iPad in-store:

-The iPad functions to claim purchase rewards in $5 (55 points), $10 (110 points) and $20 (220 points) increments and to allow loyalty members to claim special “members-only” rewards. $1 spent earns 1 point.

 -Simply tap “Enter Phone Number” after your order is up on the screen but before it has been paid. This will attach your profile to the order and accrue purchase points to your account. It will also calculate any rewards you might be eligible for at checkout.

 **HELPFUL HINT: When you use the app to order, your points are automatically attached to your profile and this step is unnecessary. It also saves you time as you skip the line!

 -After you have entered your phone number AND if your order qualifies, the iPad will ask you to redeem a reward. You can choose to redeem or wait and continue to accrue more purchase reward points.

Well, I still have a question and/or I am having some trouble...

Please email any further questions to and we will get back to you ASAP.